RepRapPro Mono (or Tricolour) frame assembly

Printer parts

So I've finally finished editing part 1 of my video series on building RepRapPro Mono printer (this part is the same for Tricolour model). You can skip to the Youtube playlist if you just want to see it.

Every movie contains captions so you can assemble your own printer just by watching the movies. If you are unsure about elements used, you can use original instructions that are avilable on RepRapPro wiki: RepRapPro Tricolour frame assembly (yes, this is for Mono too).


Just a quick overview of parts in the DIY kit.

Frame triangles

Frame triangle elements and assembly.


Preparing cross-bars.

Skeleton assembly

Putting all previous parts together.

Finishing the frame

Vertical and horizontal rails and final additions.

Aligning the frame

Some tips for aligning the frame.